COMSOL News Special Edition Biomedical

Biomedical applications are often multiphysics in nature. This presents unique challenges, as devices and treatments need to be able to interact with the human body, living tissue, and sensitive living cells — and medical device designs often utilize coupled physics effects. These designs are best simulated using multiphysics simulation.

In this special edition of COMSOL News, you will find insight into some of the many projects where multiphysics simulation has been used in the biomedical field. This collection of stories shows how simulation — and the use of simulation apps — enables design engineers, researchers, scientists, and students to explore and analyze biomedical designs; gain a better understanding of the physics at play; and create better, innovative, more reliable, and safer products, devices, and methods.

Topics include:

  • Hearing aids
  • LVAD heart pump implants
  • Simulation apps for pharmaceutical processes
  • Cold storage devices for vaccine transport
  • Microfluidic cell sorting for blood analysis
  • Release mechanisms for drug-coated stents
  • Optimization of hematology analysis equipment
  • MRI tracking for precise tumor treatment
  • Noninvasive correction of aging eyesight
  • Wearable sensors for health monitoring
  • Simulation apps in pharmaceutical education
  • High-precision tissue ablation

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