Multiphysics Simulation 2019: An IEEE Spectrum Insert

In Multiphysics Simulation 2019, get a firsthand look at how simulation is being used in new and innovative ways, from designing electric vehicle motors for powertrain electrification to optimizing a solid-state convection oven for rapid and even cooking. In addition, read about how multiphysics simulation is helping people experience physical phenomena in new ways, including an audio infotainment system for luxury vehicles that is grounded in virtual reality and a lesson plan enabling students to visualize electromagnetic waves beyond the textbook.

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Topic Areas:

  • Electric motors
  • Instrument transformers
  • Simulation applications for teaching
  • Solid-state microwave heating
  • Luxury vehicle audio systems
  • Brillouin optomechanics
  • High-voltage distribution
  • STOP analysis
  • Synchrotron brightness
  • 5G components

Cover image courtesy HARMAN International.

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