Simulation Apps for Accelerated Innovation

Innovating faster and smarter requires effective collaboration, a strong understanding of product behavior, and quick answers during the development cycle. Organizations that use simulation throughout their workflow generally bring better products to market faster. How? By building standalone simulation apps for colleagues to test design variations without involving simulation specialists.

Introducing COMSOL Multiphysics® and COMSOL Compiler™


The COMSOL Multiphysics® software features a consistent user experience across engineering applications. The platform includes the Model Builder for creating models, the Application Builder for building custom simulation apps, and the Model Manager to further support collaboration. The software platform makes it easy to build and maintain your own custom apps and with COMSOL Compiler™, you are just a mouse-click away from compiling them into standalone apps. There is no limit to how many apps you build or who you send them to.

Real-World Examples of Building and Compiling Simulation Apps

Building Physics

A close-up view of a compiled app for simulating the concrete casting process.

One of the world's largest cement suppliers helps contractors make informed decisions by providing them with a compiled simulation app so they can predict the outcome of the concrete casting process.

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Digital Twins

A model of an apple that corresponds to real fruit in storage.

A multinational coalition built a simulation-powered app that helps farmers gauge the freshness of produce in cold storage, ultimately increasing their income and reducing food loss by 20%.

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Teaching Students

An app showing inputs for calculating the drag coefficient around an airplane.

A professor and his students turned engineering lab courses into compiled simulation apps to fit a new remote learning curriculum.

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Additive Manufacturing

A close-up view of an additive manufacturing simulation app.

Engineers built an app that predicts laser powder bed fusion performance, reducing time and costs of the 3D printing process for a rocket engine component.

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Automotive Designs

A CAE analyst using simulation at work.

An original equipment manufacturer in the automotive industry accelerates their product development life cycle by building and compiling simulation apps for quickly testing different designs.

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Factory Operations

Team members working at the factory floor.

A team built an app to empower staff at an additive manufacturing facility to predict how factory conditions will impact product quality, and adjust the schedule or improve ventilation accordingly.

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