3-D Design, Electro-Thermal Simulation and Geometrical Optimization of Spiral Platinum Micro-Heaters for Low Power Gas Sensing Applications Using COMSOL 4.1

V. Bansal, D. Kumar, B. Prasad, and A. Gujjar
Electronic Science Department

In this paper a thermal electric finite element method (FEM) analysis was used to investigate the thermal properties of individual electrically driven platinum micro-heaters. The geometric optimization for the micro-heater was performed by simulating a wide range of possible geometries using COMSOL 4.1.

The simulated results of micro-heaters having an improved temperature distribution over the sensing area of gas sensor are demonstrated. These micro-heaters are designed to ensure low power consumption, low thermal mass and better temperature uniformity. Three different patterns of micro-heaters which are spiral, Spiral with a square cavity in silicon membrane and suspended spiral type with their Electro- thermal simulated temperature profile are demonstrated.