3D Hydrogeological Modeling - From a Theoretical 2D Model through a Medium Scale Application up to a Challenge: Simulations at Basin Scale

E. Cavalli[1], R. Simonetti[1], M. Gorla[1], N. Ceresa[1]
[1]CAP Holding, Milan, Italy

An alluvial aquifer system has probably conceived as a numerical modeling hell. We have chosen COMSOL Multiphysics® for two reasons: 1) FEM methods allow to use complex geometries; 2) multiphysics simulation permits to run a single model with all phenomena. We built a section with these physics: a) Darcy's law, b) Richards' equation, c) ALE to show surface deformation, d) Hydrogeologcal recharge, e) solute transport . After this we applied this modeling work-plan in a pollution site, in order to define a capture zone of nine wells with double-screens pumping simultaneously. Currently, we are developing a very large scale 3D high detailed aquifer model ready to be imported as an interpolation function and to define hydrogeological heterogeneities. We are testing COMSOL Multiphysics® for a large domain.