A Multiphase Model to Analyze Transport Phenomena In Convective Drying

S. Curcio, and M. Aversa
Department of Engineering Modelling, University of Calabria, Rende, Italy
Published in 2010

In the modern food industry one of the most important problems to face is to preserve products from deterioration: a widely used solution is the convective foods drying. Drying is based on a simultaneous transfer of both heat and water that takes place when dry and warm air flows around a moist and cold food sample. The aim of the present work is the development a fundamental multiphase approach to account for the simultaneous presence of both liquid water and vapor within the sample undergoing drying. The transport equations referred to the food were coupled, by a proper set of boundary conditions, to momentum, heat and mass transfer equations referred to the drying air, thus obtaining a general model that did not rely on the specification of any heat and mass transfer coefficient at the food/air interfaces. The system of non-linear unsteady-state partial differential equations modeling the process has been solved by means of Finite Elements Method implemented by COMSOL Multiphysics 3.4.