Actively Controlled Ionic Current Gating In Nanopores

G. Zhang[1], S. Bearden[1]
[1]Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA
Published in 2013

It is necessary to understand and control nanopore behavior in order to develop biosensors for a variety of applications including DNA sequencing. The fluidics of nanopore devices we fabricated exhibits a range of interesting phenomena, such as enhanced conductance and current rectification. By electrically biasing nanopores, we were able to actively control the nanopore conductance in real time and induce a gated, non-conducting state. The modeled pore behavior closely approximated the analogous experimental results. The ionic conductance was proportional to the bias applied to the gold layer. Under a positive bias, the pore current was gated and a non-conducting state was reached. The conductance of the pore in the on-state was dependent on the pore geometry and applied biase.