An Elastic and Hyperelastic Material Model of Joint Cartilage - Calculation of the Pressure Dependent Modulus of Elasticity by Comparison with Experiments and Simulations

T. Reuter, and M. Hoffmann
fzmb GmbH
Research Centre of Medical Technology and Biotechnology
Bad Langensalza, Germany

In this paper we introduce a elastic and hyperelastic model to describe the biomechanics of joint cartilage. As biomechanical property we calculated the pressure dependent E-modulus E = f(s) to describe the dependence of the biomechanical properties on pressure.

The calculation based on the comparison and the iterative approach of the force-way-functions between the experiments and simulations. In this first study we found that the E = f(s) is a degree 4 polynomial. The E-modulus varies between 0 - 2.9 MPa for the elastic and between 0 - 2.2 MPa for the hyperelastic material model by a compression from 0 – 0.4 mm caused by a surgery tasthaken. The pressure dependent E-modulus allows us to simulate the nonlinear behaviour of compressed cartilage tissue.