Analysis Of Linearly Polarized Modes

I. Avram, and I. Gavril Tarnovan
The Technical University of Cluj Napoca
Cluj, Romania
Published in 2011

This paper presents a study on the propagation modes of electromagnetic waves through a step index fiber optics. To analyze the propagation of electromagnetic field, a simulation in Comsol 4.0 has been implemented using two different optical fibers.

Obtaining the propagation modes, called linearly polarized modes (LPnm) to get their characterization according to the radial and azimuthal distribution is achieved by modifying the characteristics of the fiber, by changing the refractive index of the core, changing the core size, changing the wavelength or setting a specific eigenvalue. This study is required for further investigation of states of polarization and analysis of electric field distribution using high frequency conditions. These simulations will be developed to simulate the Faraday Effect