Analysis of slot wave transmission characteristics in scouring zone

孙红雨1, 田文蕾、韩冬、王娅娜1
Published in 2020

Combining slot wave propagation theory and communication related theories, introducing the formation and classification of slot waves and other related theories. Analyze the typical geological structure in the coal seam of the scour zone and the reasons for its formation. Channel characteristics for coal measures and geological characteristics of scour zones. The propagation characteristics of slot waves in complex coal measures with geological anomalies are analyzed in detail. The three-dimensional equivalent medium geometry model of coal measures and the equivalent medium geometry of anomalous structures in complex coal seams with scour zones are established in COMSOL Multiphysici. In the model, the propagation of the slot wave in the model is simulated by finite element and its propagation characteristics are analyzed. The coal stratum model is introduced and theoretically deduced, and the rationality of the model is verified. The blast wave source with a main frequency of 100Hz is used to simulate the explosive source, and the vibration signal of the line point is excited and obtained in the model. The MATLAB is used to obtain the dispersion curve, groove wave synthesis record and waveform spectrum of the two models. The difference of the slot wave propagation in the geometric model of the equivalent medium, and then analyzing the influence of the scouring zone on the slot wave propagation.