Analysis of the Transient Performance of an Annular Linear Induction Pump using COMSOL®

P. Sharma[1]
[1]Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India
Published in 2019

Annular Linear Induction Pump (ALIP) is used for pumping liquid metal in fast reactors and in experimental test facilities. In order to understand the transient behaviour of this pump, a 2-dimensional axisymmetric model in time domain is developed. The transient performance prediction requires simultaneous solution of Maxwell’s and Navier-Stokes equations. This is achieved using the multi-physics based finite element method software COMSOL® . Coupling of the fluid velocity with magnetic field and of the electromagnetic force with fluid is also carried out. One of the main aims of such analysis is to study double supply frequency pressure pulsations. In the analysis carried out, variation in various parameters like output pressure, input current, current density were studied and are presented in this paper.