Analyzing Railway OHE Suspension Clamp Stress Under Varied Loads

Rahul Solanki1, ganeshbhoye@gmail.com1, Ishant Jain1
1Raychem Innovation Center
Published in 2023

This research delves into an in-depth stress load analysis of suspension clamp assemblies employed within the realm of railway overhead electrification (OHE). These suspension clamp assemblies play a crucial role in securing catenary wires of varying diameters. They encounter diverse vertical and horizontal loads when integrated into both single and overlap configurations within the OHE framework.

The unique design of these suspension clamp assemblies allows for versatile installation, accommodating top and inverted positions on pipes. This versatility results in alternating compressive and tensile forces acting on the suspension clamp assemblies. To comprehensively assess their performance under these challenging conditions, a rigorous analysis is conducted using COMSOL Multiphysics.

The findings of this study provide valuable insights into the diverse stresses encountered by the suspension clamp assemblies, along with any discrepancies or errors observed within the casting parts and other constituent assembly elements.