Assessment of Squeeze-off Location for Small Diameter Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Tubing

O. Lever [1], E. Lever [1],
[1] Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, IL, USA
Published in 2015

This poster showcases a fully parametric, nonlinear, time-dependent polyethylene (PE) pipe squeeze-off model that was developed in COMSOL Mulitphysics® software by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and Veryst Engineering, and sponsored by Operations Technology Development (OTD). Utilizing the Nonlinear Structural Materials Module and a custom viscoelastic-plastic constitutive model developed specifically for pipe-grade PE, the COMSOL model is capable of simulating the very large deformations encountered in squeeze-off of PE pipe, and well as capturing stress relaxation and residual plastic deformation. The COMSOL model was successfully used to assess the viability of performing squeeze-offs at distances from a fitting that are shorter than the currently acceptable minimum of 12-inch. Empirical testing is ongoing to verify the simulation results.