Benchmark of COMSOL vs. ROXIE Codes for the Calculation of a Particle Accelerator Quadrupole

I. Rodriguez, and J. L. Munoz
ESS Bilbao
Bilbao, Spain
Published in 2011

The field quality requirements of most particle accelerator magnets are very tight and, therefore, very precise simulations are needed to accurately calculate these devices. CERN\'s ROXIE code is widely used as a reference software to calculate normal conducting and superconducting magnets for particle accelerator applications.

ROXIE uses the full vector potential coupled to the BEM-FEM method to develop the magnetostatic calculations, so it does not require meshing neither the coil nor the air region of the model. However, COMSOL Magnetic Fields Interface uses the magnetic vector potential FEM and requires meshing both the coil and the air regions. The comparison of both codes in terms of precision, memory requirements and time of solution is presented in this paper.

The parameterized model of a typical resistive quadrupole has been used for the comparison. The precision of the solution is calculated by applying the FFT to the magnetic field data.