Calculus of the Elastic Properties of a Beam Cross Section

A. Genoese[1], A. Genoese[1], and G. Garcea[1]
[1]Dipartimento di Modellistica per l'Ingegneria, Università della Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende, CS, Italy

Saint-Venant general rod theory is used to calculate the elastic factors of a section through the numerical solution of a system of partial differential equations. The elastic properties so evaluated are used in a geometric nonlinear analysis of 3D beam structures with general cross-section to calculate some important quantities such as the stiffness matrix. Linear solutions, such as the Saint-Venant one, can be exploited in this context too due to corotational strategies that allow the generation of objective nonlinear structural models reusing the information gained from the linear ones by applying a corotational reference frame that follows the rigid body motion of the element or, as in a new approach called implicit corotational, of the continuum point or of the beam section.