Characterization of a Tonpilz Transducer and Performance Analysis for a MEMS-Transducer Array

V. Vadde, and B. Lakshmi G

In this paper, we develop and analyze a standard piezoacoustic Tonpilz-transducer model for underwater acoustics in Comsol by addressing the attendant piezoelectric and pressure acoustic multiphysics phenomena. Transducer properties that are studied and characterized are the center frequency, bandwidth, linearity, sensitivity, and noise figure.

In an effort to miniaturize the transducer, a functionally similar but scaled MEMS model is developed. The miniature transducer is analyzed for the aforementioned performance metrics, especially as a receiver device (hydrophone) with an eye on linearity and sensitivity. We then shift our focus on the use of multiple MEMS transducers in a linear array configuration.

The performance of our MEMS transducer array is analyzed in Comsol with special emphasis on array signal processing. We conclude with a discussion of potential vector signal processing applications and benefits of such a piezoacoustic MEMS transducer array.