Combustion Of Kerosene-Air Mixtures In A Closed Vessel

C. Strozzi, P. Gillard, and J-M. Pascaud
Institut PRISME, Bourges, France
Published in 2010

The aim of this work is to present a simple multiphysics simulation using COMSOL able to describe combustion of kerosene vapours in a closed vessel. The emphasis is on the mechanical effects of the reactive processes. The evolution of the thermodynamical variables (pressure, temperature, concentrations…) is obtained by solving several coupled transport equations for: the mass continuity, the momentum, the temperature and the fuel concentration. This work relies on laminar and weakly compressible flow assumptions. Addressed issues are the ignition induced by a heat flux and the subsequent flame propagation. This work may be useful for the understanding of accidental explosions of aircraft kerosene tank submitted to a projectile.