Computational Analysis for Induction Heating of Moving Wire

Ishant Jain[1], S K Ajmani[1]
[1]Tata Steel Limited, Research and Development, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
Published in 2013

This is an preliminary attempt to simulate the complicated tunnel induction furnace, used for the heating of the long wire moving at a certain speed to achieve the desired mechanical properties. The furnace consists of 108 numbers of turns, with embedded cooling channel inside to cool down the copper coils, and the cross section of the coils are rectangular in shape. Based on the complexity of the problem, certain assumptions are made and meshing technique are developed to mesh the geometry consisting of 0.6 million elements. The knowledge over the concept of skin effect and the induced surface current are developed with 3 D modeling of the wire however the complete furnace is modeled as 2D axisymmetric.