COMSOL Multiphysics® Enhances Design Process at e2v technologies

Jan Przybyla
Technical Specialist, e2v technologies, England

Outline of presentation:

  • We have seen a few of the diverse ways e2v has started to use COMSOL
  • It is allowing us to view our processes in a different way
  • Resulting in improvements
  • It is enabling our engineers and scientists to examine the full application, not just the microwave or RF tube
  • Resulting in:
    • Complete product solution -with much added value
    • Expected considerable growth in business
---------------------------------- Keynote speaker's biography:

Jan Przybyla graduated with an Honours degree in Applied Physics in 1976 from Brunel University Uxbridge UK. Prior to joining e2v Technologies Ltd in 1996 Jan was employed by Radiation Dynamics Ltd developing electron linear accelerators systems for medical, industrial and scientific applications. Whilst at e2v he has been involved in the development of various new technologies including high voltage power systems and RF amplifier systems for use in science and industry. Jan is currently a Technical Specialist in the Electron Devices and Subsystems Division of e2v with special interests in 3D modelling and its application in system and process design that utilise RF and Microwave technology.

Jan Przybyla was one of the keynote speakers at the COMSOL User's Conference, fall 2009 in Milan.