Design and Analysis of Implantable Nanotube Based Sensor for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

M. Silambarasan, T. Prem Kumar, M. Alagappan, and G. Anju
PSG College of Technology
Tamil Nadu, India

The present work aims to develop a blood pressure sensor using MEMS/NEMS technology. A normal blood pressure detector is used externally, but this work mainly aims for designing an implantable nanotube based sensor for continuous monitoring of blood pressure.

The use of COMSOL Multiphysics 4.1 acts as a good platform to develop a nano tube based sensor design by using the MEMS module. The main physics implemented into this design is solid mechanics for applying the varying pressure values close to the blood pressure to the required boundaries. The deformation obtained in the nanotube is directly proportional to the pressure exerted on the boundaries.

Thus the objective of this study is to determine the abnormal blood pressure values by using the implantable sensor, keeping the deformation obtained of the nanotube for the normal blood pressure as the standard value.