Development of a Reactive Silencer for Turbo Compressors

J. Smeulers[1], N. Gonzalez Diez[1]
[1]TNO, Delft, The Netherlands

Turbo compressors can generate high frequency tonal noise, causing nuisance in the environment. As the noise is radiated from the piping, a silencer is installed between the compressor and the pipe system. Commonly an absorption silencer is applied, which is a vessel that contains acoustic absorption material. Due to high flow velocities and vibrations the absorption material may be blown out of the silencer. A robust concept has been developed based on acoustic resonator arrays. COMSOL Multiphysics® has been used to predict the acoustic performance of this silencer concept. A practical case has been used to make a realistic silencer design. In the paper the silencer model is presented. The optimisation has been made with a 3D model.