Effect of Interfacial Charge on the Drop Deformation under the Application of Oscillatory Electric Field.

R. Patil[1], and V. A. Juvekar[1]
[1] Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Maharashtra

Study of interaction of drops and bubbles with electric field is important for understanding the physics involved in various physical phenomenas and industrial processes. Important applications arise in colloidal systems (Miller and Scriven, 1970), meteorology and cloud physics (Sartor, 1969), electrostatic spraying of liquids (Balachandran and Bailey, 1981), power engineering applications (Krasucki, 1962), nuclear physics (Bohr and Wheeler, 1939), aerosol science (Whitby and Liu, 1966), and in oil and petroleum industries. The phenomena involved in such processes fall in the ambit of multiphysics because of interaction of hydrodynamics, electrodynamics, mass transport and interfacial phenomena. The geometry can also become complex due to deformation of interfaces. The multiphysics software such as COMSOL is ideally suited to couple these physical phenomena and simulate the process.