Enhancement of Terahertz Emission by AuGe Nanopatterns

H. Surdi[1], A. Singh[1], S. S. Prabhu [1]
[1]Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha 
Road, Mumbai,India

Since the advent of Terhertz(THz) technology, improving the THz emission power has been one of the major research goal. One of the methods to increase the THz emission power is to increase the coupling of excitation laser light to the dielectric substrate.The field of nano-plasmonics exploits light-matter interactions at nanometer scale. With the help of metallic nano-structure at metal-dielectric interfaces and satisfying certain conditions, one can excite surface plasmon polaritons, which increase the local electric field. Due to the increased local electric field, larger number of photo-carriers are generated which in turn increases the THz emission power. We have incorporated such metallic nano-particles in the THz antenna and thereby increasing the THz emission power by a factor of 4.