Fibre-Optic Microsensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance in a Microfluidic Cell : An Experimental and Numerical Multiphysics Approach

G. Louarn, T. Makiabadi, V. Le Nader, and M. Kanso
Institut des Matériaux Jean-Rouxel (IMN), CNRS- Université de Nantes, France

In the last decade, the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has become a very sensitive technique for real-time detection in many application areas. Considering the fiber optic concept and the important needs for analyzing biomolecular reactions through automated and miniaturized components, fiber optic sensors based on the SPR technique are becoming an important choice in the field of sensing. In the present work, a microfluidic system associated with a fiber optic SPR sensor is accomplished for monitoring in real-time the variation of sensor’s responses at each kinetic reaction occurring at the surface. Thereby, the introduction of kinetic parameters produced by experimental measurement into our numerical model enables us to demonstrate the potential of fiber optic SPR sensor for biological analysis purposes.