Forces and Heating in Plasmonic Particles

M. Gonçalves[1], O. Marti[1]
[1]Ulm University - Inst. of Experimental Physics, Ulm, Germany

Plasmonic resonances arising in gold nanoparticles lead to strongly localized near-field enhancements. These enhancements generate strong field gradients that can be exploited in particle trapping. On the other hand plasmonic resonances lead to enhanced absorption and heat generation. Gold nanoparticles have been used to kill cancer cells based on plasmonic heating. We have investigated the optical resonances in several configurations of the plasmonic particles and calculated the maximum temperature achieved under cw illumination, using COMSOL Multiphysics®. The results show that optical forces between plasmonic particles may lead to local trapping. The maximum temperature can be increased for some configurations.