Fracture-Matrix Flow Partitioning and Cross Flow: Numerical Modeling of Laboratory Fractured Core Flood

R. Sanaee[1], G.F. Oluyemi[1], M. Hossain[1], B.M. Oyeneyin[1]
[1]Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Published in 2012

The contrast between hydro-mechanical behavior of the rock matrix and fracture network systems results in flow partitioning between fracture and matrix systems which is affected by the In-situ stress regime. Fracture flow, Darcy law and free and porous media flow physics interfaces of COMSOL were used in simulating a fractured core flooding test to achieve a better understanding of flow partitioning. The fracture flow interface was used along with Darcy’s Law due to the capability to create fracture as a boundary within the model geometry. Alternatively, free and porous media flow interface was applied to validate the Darcy’s law modeling results and analyze how the cross flow changes under overburden stress. A fracture closure threshold and identical trends were detected.