From the laboratory to the living room: COMSOL as a remote teaching and research tool

M. Emre Sener1, Daren J. Caruana1, Michael Parkes1, Romeo Asprec1, Yibo Wang1, Shuyue Luan1, Carlo Gariboldi1
1University College London, London, United Kingdom
Published in 2020

At University College London, Applied Analytical Chemistry MSc course, we have used COMSOL Multiphysics as an alternative to laboratory-based student research projects. Use of computational modelling enabled students to complete their research work remotely while gaining experience in the field of multiphysics modelling.

Students were encouraged to translate lab based experimental work into the computational domain. This approach was aimed at providing students the skills necessary to formulate viable research questions and to understand the complexities of the physical systems they were studying. Here, a summary of COMSOL use in chemistry education at UCL will be presented alongside results from student work that range from optimisation of photoacoustic spectroscopy cells to atmospheric pressure plasma diagnostics.