Heat Flux Predictions for a 3-D Compost Model

M. Teutli [1], Jiménez[1], Lozano[1], Peláez[1], J. Roque[2], and I. González[3]
[1]BUAP, Puebla, Mexico
[2]Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, VZ, Mexico
[3]UAM, Mexico City, Mexico
Published in 2010

A 3-D model for compost was constructed taking as geometry basis a truncated cone, with dimensions of 4 m radius and 3 m height; in this structure an energy balance is applied for a two phase system (solid-air). Compost energy processes are modeled using COMSOL with a modified heat transfer equation which includes: volumetric heat capacity, chemical oxidation and biological growing and inhibition. A sensitivity parameter analysis was run in order to get temperature predictions closer to the ones observed in organic residues composting processes, in which it is required 40-90 days in order to get temperatures in the range of 313 -343 K. Obtained predictions have shown that the composting process exhibits higher sensitivity to parameters as: compost material oxidation activation energy, biomass activity activation energy.