Heat Output From Space Heating Radiator With Add-On-Fan Blowers

P-O. Johansson, and J. Wollerstrand
Lund University, Lund, Sweden

In a hydronic space heating system the heat output arises from natural convection and radiation from the radiators. In order to increase the heat output, without replacing the radiators with larger ones, or increasing the temperature level, the radiator can be equipped with add-onfan blowers. In the latter case, the heat output from the radiator will increase due to increased convection. This paper describes simulations of heat output from a standard panel radiator before and after it has been equipped with add-on-fan blower. The radiator model is made in COMSOL, using a 2D-model and the multi physic mode. The model uses General Heat Transfer and two alternate Navier-Stokes tool boxes. With the model, heat output at different temperature levels in the radiator, and at different fan speeds, can be calculated. The aim with this work is to derive new temperature programs for the radiator at different fan speeds.