Hydrodynamic and Thermal Modeling in a Deep Geothermal Aquifer, Faulted Sedimentary Basin, France

E. Malcuit[1], A.L. Gille[1]
[1]CFG Services, Orléans, France
Published in 2013

Within projects of geothermal energy, we need hydrodynamic and thermal modeling to forecast the impacts of geothermal deep wells on existing wells. In case of pumping and reinjection of the geothermal fluid in a deep groundwater reservoir, located in a sedimentary basin with lateral and vertical lithology variations and major faults, it is fundamental to understand the behaviour of the multilayer aquifer system and to determine the geothermal potential of the aquifer before proceeding to its geothermal exploitation. Using COMSOL Multiphysics® has permitted important engineering work in the field of hydrogeology and geothermal deep reservoirs. A relevant 3D subsoil representation in this complex geological setting has been created, to simulate the impacts of geothermal fluid flow exploitation over 60 years.