Inductive Conductivity Measurement of Seawater

R. W. Pryor[1]
[1]Pryor Knowledge Systems, Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

The conductivity of seawater directly correlates with the concentration of dissolved salts. This model demonstrates a new approach to the methodology of inductive conductivity measurement of seawater and other liquids. COMSOL Multiphysics® was used to build a parametrically swept model of an O-Core Inductive Conductivity Measurement Sensor for Seawater. This sensor model is built using the Magnetic Fields (mf) and the Electric Circuits (cir) physics interfaces. The model employs is a dual multi-turn coil O-core inductive conductivity measurement sensor. Multiple turns of copper comprise the primary coil. Multiple turns of seawater comprise the secondary coil. The calculated family of secondary coil currents demonstrates that the secondary coil current changes directly with secondary (seawater) coil conductivity.