Influence of Electrode Kinetics on Lithium-ion Battery Characteristics

H. Machrafi[1,2], S. Cavadias[2]
[1]University of Liège, Thermodynamics of Irreversible Phenomena, Liège, Belgium
[2]University Pierre et Marie Curie, Laboratoire des Procédés Plasma et Traitement de Surface, Paris, France

The purpose of this work is to show whether an important difference in Lithium solid concentration and electrolyte concentration can be observed in a Lithium-ion battery model, when considering either the Butler-Volmer kinetics or the Tafel kinetics for describing the electrode kinetics (including a boundary layer between the electrolyte and the electrode particles). During discharge, the lithium ions insert into solid particles of the positive electrode and de-insert from the solid particles of the negative electrode. We have observed that the differences in the results, between using the Tafel kinetics and the Butler-Volmer kinetics, imply that neglecting low overpotential is not to be suggested in Lithium-ion batteries of the kind studied in this work.