Loudspeaker Simulations in a Car Cabin

F. Malbos [1], M. Bogdanski [2], M. Strauss [2]
[1] Harman France, Paris, France
[2] Harman Becker Automotive Systems, Straubing, Germany
Published in 2015

The goal of this study is to improve the audio simulation accuracy for automotive applications. COMSOL® Acoustics Module and LiveLink™ for MATLAB® were used to simulate the sound pressure generated by a loudspeaker in a car cabin. A comparison between simulated and measured sound pressures was performed. The pressure was simulated and measured on a 6 microphone arrays located at the 4 seat positions. All boundary wall conditions were defined with a frequency dependent absorption coefficient. Starting with the absorption coefficient described in the literature, one major activity was to optimize those values to get the best correlation between the measured and the simulated sound pressures. The comparison of the pressures shows that the Acoustics Module can perform an accurate speaker simulation.