Micro Mechanical Exploration of Composites for Superior Properties

R. C. Thiagarajan, and K. V. Chiranjeevi
ATOA Scientific Technologies Private Limited
Bangalore, India
Published in 2011

The predictive engineering of materials is matured from predicting properties from known morphology or constituents to engineering novel morphology for superior properties. The focus of this paper is about implementation of computational material mechanics modeling method in COMSOL Multiphysics software for engineering the constituents for superior properties.

A brief review of property prediction methods, advantages and potential superior properties of composite materials are given. Numerical implementation of representative volume based computational micromechanics in COMSOL with periodic boundary condition is detailed. The prediction methodology and results of linear and nonlinear bulk material properties are provided. The effect of reinforcement shape, size, orientation and length is also investigated and reported with particular emphasis on superior properties. The advantages of windowing approach, COMSOL parametric models, and the ability to investigate materials at micro level for superior macroscopic performance is detailed.