Microwave Applicators With Conveyor Belt System

A. Methlouthi, O. Rouaud, and L. Boillereaux

Industrial microwave ovens are widely used in agri-food and chemical applications. Resonant cavities are used to speed up chemical reactions and have the advantage to be small sized and efficient in terms of microwave distribution. These multimode cavities are considered as batch ovens where a small amount of products is treated. Rotating plates are added in the cavities to ensure a homogeneous power distribution. For continuous treatments, microwave tunnels can be used. In these ovens the microwave distribution is supposed to be homogeneous. Due to the difficulty to measure the electromagnetic field, this assumption is difficult to prove in the case of industrial plants. The aim of this study is to simulate the behavior of the electric field inside a microwave applicator with conveyor belt system using COMSOL. The numerical results are discussed and experimental validations (from a qualitative point of view) are presented.