Modeling and Analysis of a Feedback-Controlled Active Magnetic Levitation System using COMSOL Multyphysics Finite Element Software

M. Nabi[1], and K. V. Ajeeth[1]
Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Magnetic levitation systems have been studied in the context of high-speed transportation as maglev trains, high speed machinery as magnetic bearings, and other similar engineering applications. In this paper, a three dimensional arbitrary shaped object is modeled and analyzed through COMSOL. Mechanically the levitated object has three degrees of freedom- two along the x and y axes and the third one rotational about the z axis. The x, y and ? are the controlled variables, while the control input is the current fed to the field coil placed above the object. A basic requirement in simulation and analysis of the system is computation of the electromagnetic fields and forces for various positions of the disc. For levitation systems, especially those involving more complicated geometries, this task as to be carried out through numerical FE or FE – BE simulation. In this work it was achieved using the basic COMSOL multiphysics software.