Modeling of Nonlinear and Non-stationary Multi-vortex Behavior of Electronic Crystal in Restricted Gemoetries of Nano Junctions

T. Yi, Y. Luo, and S. Brazovskii
Université Paris-sud
Orsay, France

Electronic Crystals are common forms of organization of charge in solids. They appear widely from nano-structure semiconductors to synthetic organic conductors. Charge density wave, the best treated kind of electronic crystal, can readjust its elementary units by creation of topological defect or vortex. Experimental accesses to these phenomena came from nano-junctions, scanning tunneling microscopy, and X-ray diffraction.

Motivated by these studies we performed a program to model the vortex states and their transient dynamic for CDW in restricted geometry. The model takes into account multiple fields in mutual interactions: amplitude and phase of the complex order parameter of CDW, the electronic field, and the density and current of the electrons. The problem is efficiently resolved by Comsol\'s time-dependent nonlinear solver.