Modeling the Bacterial Clearance in Capillary Network Using Coupled Stochastic-Differential and Navier-Stokes Equations

A. Atalla[1], and A. Jeremic[1]
[1]McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The capillary network is a complex-interconnected structure. A single blood cell traveling from the arteriole to a venule via a capillary bed passes through, on average, 40−100 capillary segments. The cardiovascular systems responsible of delivering blood to the tissue under sufficient pressure to exchange materials. This is a two way process, at which nutrients, Oxygen, and other materials, including bacteria, are carried to the tissue and cells during the outflow. We compute the probabilities of absorption and transmission (clearance) of a single particle, using COMSOL Multiphysics, and utilize them to compute the probability mass function (PMF) of the total number of bacterial particles.