Modeling the Sound Radiation by Loudspeaker Cabinets

M. Cobianchi[1], M. Rousseau[1]
[1] B&W Group Ltd, Steyning, UK
Published in 2014

While musical instruments often rely on a body which resonates on purposefully to amplify the vibration produced by a string or a membrane, such as in a violin or a guitar, loudspeaker cabinets should not contribute at all to the total sound radiation, but aim instead to be a perfectly rigid box which encloses the drive units in charge to transform the electrical signal at their terminal into acoustic waves.

Our cabinet modelling steps include measuring and fitting orthotropic material properties, including damping, simplifying the geometry for the purpose of saving computation time, 3D mechanical modelling with curvilinear coordinates system and thin elastic layers, and proper post processing to extract useful data and easy to compare plots.