Modeling the Squeeze Flow of a Thermoplastic Composite Tape during Forming

A. Levy[1], G.P. Picher Martel[1], P. Hubert[1]
[1]McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

Thermoplastic composite such as APC2 (Carbon/PEEK) are usually shipped as semi-finite tape products. Final product is obtained with forming by applying heat and pressure. A key phenomena is the squeezing of the tape. In this paper we compare the solution of the squeeze flow using a finite element method, an analytical model under lubrication assumption and experimental data. The finite element model is solved in two dimensions (plane strain) in COMSOL using a heat transfer and a flow modules solved on a moving mesh (ALE). The numerical and analytical values correlate well and validate the analytical lubrication assumption. On the contrary, the experimental values are not recovered showing that additional work on the modeling and/or behavior are needed.