Modeling two-phase flow in strongly heterogeneous porous media

Z. Huang
China University of Petroleum, Research Center for Oil & Gas Flow in Reservoir, Qingdao City, China

Modeling Two-phase flow through strongly heterogeneous porous media is of importance in many disciplines including petroleum industry, hydrology etc. There are, however, still some challenges in numerical simulation of such flow problems especially the flows in fractured porous media and fractured vuggy porous media. The aim of this report is to implement in COMSOL Multiphysics a two-phase fluid flow model in strongly heterogeneous porous media using a finite element approach. Firstly, a discrete-fracture model has been developed to modeling two-phase flow through fractured porous media, and its performance has been shown through a water flooding case study. Subsequently, the fluid flow behavior through fractured vuggy porous media with more complex nature of porosity system has been investigated based on fracture-vug network model.