Modelling of Seismoelectric Effects

B. Kröger[1], U. Yaramanci[2], and A. Kemna[1]
[1]1 University of Bonn
[2]GGA Hannover

We present the results of full-waveform time-dependent finite-element modelling of coupled seismoelectromagnetic wave propagation in fluid-saturated porous media. To describe the seismoelectric response of the system a new set of equations is developed which couple the poroelasticity theory and Maxwell’s equations via flux/force transport equations in a thermodynamical sense. The coupling mechanism is of electrokinetic nature involving relative displacement of ions at the matrix-fluid interface in the pore space. Modelling is performed with COMSOL Multiphysics on the basis of a two-dimensional implementation of the coupled equations with a view to an improved understanding of the interactions of the main effects characterizing the coupled seismic and electromagnetic responses.