Motion of Uncharged Particles in Electroosmotic Flow through a Wavy Cylindrical Channel

N. Qudus[1], T. Mahbub[1], S. A. Ali[1], and M. Shajahan[1]
[1] Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka Bangladesh

A finite element model is employed to describe the electric potential distribution and electroosmotic flow field inside a wavy cylindrical channel. The model uses coupled Laplace and Poisson-Boltzmann to evaluate the electric potential distribution inside the channel. It also contains continuity and Navier–Stokes equations for the solution of fluid flow. A particle trajectory model was presented to analyze the motion of the particles traveling through the wavy channel. As the ratio of the particle to channel radii changes at different axial position of the wavy channel, wall correction factors for a straight cylindrical channel are used for different particle to channel radii ratio. The effect of waviness on the wall correction factors is neglected. Particles are released at different initial points of the entry plane. The positions of the particles are recorded at the downstream of the channel after travelling few wavelengths distance.