Multiphase, Dual Polymer Injection Molding and Cooling of an Open Cavity to Form both Distinct and Graduated Material Properties within a Complex Three-Dimensional Body

M.S. Yeoman[1]
[1]Continuum Blue Ltd, Forest Row, United Kingdom

With the advancement of medical devices and implants, many now require more advanced nonlinear, hyper-elastic materials such as elastomers to be extensively utilized in the body. This combined with the need to allow for considerably different, varying and graduated material responses within the three-dimensional device, poses a difficult challenge to manufacturing an elastomeric implant in a single process. A method of producing a complex three-dimensional, homogeneous body with distinct and graduated material properties is assessed using a multi-polymer injection process into an open cavity mold at elevated temperatures. COMSOL Multiphysics® is used to assess the multiphase, dual polymer injection and cooling process to form the required material properties across an implantable body, which is highly dependent on the flow and the mixing of two polymer blends at elevated temperatures.