MultiPhysics Analysis of Trapped Field in Multi-Layer YBCO Plates

P. Masson[1], and R. Meinke[1]
[1]Advanced Magnet Lab, Palm Bay, Florida, USA

Superconductors have the unique capability of trapping magnetic flux. This feature has the potential to enable and improve several applications including high power density rotating machines. Current material used as trapped flux magnets (TFM) is single domain YBCO that present numerous limitations interms of performance, stability and size. One way to overcome the limitations is to use thin layers of YBCO deposited on disks and stack them. Multi-layer trapped flux magnets were successfully modeled and analyzed using COMSOL MultiPhysics through coupled electromagnetic and thermal transient simulations. Simulations allow for a better understanding of how the current redistributes during thermal disturbances and validate the potential of the technology.