Multiphysics Modelling in the Electromagnetic Levitation and Melting of Liquid Metals

A. A. Roy, V. Bojarevics, and K. Pericleous
University of Greenwich
London, UK

The aim of this article is to demonstrate the capability of the software for predicting free-surface motion and internal fluid flow in an electromagnetically levitated sample of liquid metal. Multiphysics solutions which demonstrate the usefulness of Comsol as a powerful MHD simulation tool have been generated to two industrial problems using the ALE moving-mesh module in combination with the Navier-Stokes and Maxwell solvers.

The first problem concerns the thermo-physical property measurement of reactive molten materials. The second problem, having relevance to continuous casting of metal ingots in a cold crucible, considers the transient free-surface motion of a semi-levitated volume of metal when its shape is confined by the field of a surrounding solenoid.