Multiphysics Modelling of a Micro Valve

F. Bircher[1] and P. Marmet[1]

[1]Institute of Print Technology, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Burgdorf, Switzerland

Electromagnetic micro valves are currently developed empirically or the different physics are treated separately. To accelerate the development-process and for a better understanding of the overall system, a multiphysics simulation is built up. This simulation considers the electromagnetics, the electronics (including the control of the process), the mechanics and the fluidics with respect to the dependency of these four subsystems to each other. In this way the whole process with the control, the magnetic force generation, the plunger dynamics, the fluid flow and the droplet break up are simulated. To estimate the quality of the model, it is compared to measurements of the electric values and to high speed camera recordings of the droplet break up.