Numerical Simulation of Pulsed TIG Welding Partial and Full Penetration

A. Traidia[1][2], F. Roger[1], and E. Guyot[2]

[1]Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées, Palaiseau, France
[2]AREVA NP, Centre Technique Soudage, France
Published in 2009

In this poster, a numerical model of spot pulsed current TIG welding for partially and fully penetrated weld pools is presented. Heat transfer and fluid flow in the weld pool driven by the combination of electromagnetic force, buoyancy force, surface tension gradient and latent heat are included in our model. A new formulation of the electromagnetic problem is introduced to take into account eddy current in the weld pool. The shape of the free deformable surface under the action of pulsed arc force is also handled after the magneto-hydrodynamic calculation. We compare the influence of various pulsed welding parameters such as pulse frequency and current ratio on the weld quality. Experimental study is conducted to compare our numerical prediction with welding macrographies. It shows a real good agreement of the model.