Optimized Cantilever-to-Anchor Configurations of Buckled Cantilever Plate Structures for Transducer Applications

A. Arpys Arevalo Carreno[1], D. Conchouso Gonzalez[1], I.G. Foulds[1]
[1]King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The mechanical simulation and analysis of the cantilever-to-anchor configuration for an out-of-plane structure used in transducer applications is reported. The polymer-based Buckled Cantilever Plate “BCP” structure, gives the ability to orient an active device from a horizontal to a vertical position, once assembled. In this paper we compare four different cantilever-to-anchor configurations: Typical, Lateral, Top and Loop configurations. The BCP assembly simulation shows an improvement of the peeling force induced in the anchors in comparison to standard cantilever-to-anchor configuration. The structural variation in these cantilever-to-anchor configurations modify the direction of the reaction forces at the cantilever-anchor interface while performing assembly and at the final lock position of the BCP, leading to a lower pealing force and more reliable anchor performance.