Particle Velocimetry Data From COMSOL Model of Micro-channels

P. Mahanti, M. Keebaugh, N. Weiss, P. Jones, M.A. Hayes, and T. Taylor
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA

Particle velocimetry using image analysis is an effective non-intrusive method used for fluid velocity field estimation in micro-channels. We use COMSOL with MATLAB to generate velocity fields for micro-channel designs and then calculate changes in particle position for given imaging parameters. This is used to simulate images which can then be used to verify an algorithm\'s performance before its used with real data. Since closed-form 2-d velocity equations are not easily available for most experimental micro-channel designs, this method helps simulate particle movement based on the underlying fluid dynamics equations. Also, it enables us to change experimental factors such as particle density and physical dimensions readily and reevaluate the algorithm performance, ultimately leading to a more efficient velocity field estimation with real data.